Redesigning Simplify the Law

Simplify the Law made even simpler

We’re fortunate here at Simplify the Law in that our name and our mission are one and the same. This means that as we’re working away trying to improve and expand the site we’re always doing so from the same perspective – making things simple.

Importantly for us, this doesn’t just apply to the way we write our content, or how we word the questions we ask our users when creating their documents. To make the law truly simple, we need to present all that content in a simple way. After all it’s no help to anyone if we’ve written the greatest legal content in the world but nobody can find it! So refining the interface is as much a part of our work as all our content efforts.

With that in mind we recently released a – we think – much improved look and feel for the content pages on Simplify the Law.

Simplicity needs clarity

Simplify the Law content pages

One of the problems we’re always wrestling with is how, on one page, to display:

  1. a coherent explanation of a legal issue;
  2. any related issues and next steps;
  3. and the services we provide to help you Simplify the Law.

To that end, we’ve regrouped and rearranged elements on the page so that it’s more obvious which bits relates to which actions. All the while keeping the focus on the content.

We’ve also made our headings clearer and our text more legible.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

Upfront information

Simplify the Law document options

Another facet of keeping things simple for our users is providing all the information they need upfront. That means explaining what our documents do and how much they cost in a clear manner.

We hope this means it’s easier for our users to decide what documents they need. But please, take a look and let us know what you think!

Our mobile friends

Simplify the Law mobile view


As with everything on the web nowadays, we’re seeing users of our site becoming increasingly mobile! Whilst Simplify the Law has always been optimised for a mobile experience, we felt that it still wasn’t as easy as it should have been to find things on mobile.

To that end we’ve tidied a few things up and added a few extra options just for our mobile users.

All in all we really hope that this all means that we’re one step closer to Simplify-ing the Law. But we know that the only way we can be sure is to speak to our users, listen to their feedback and iterate continuously on our designs and products.

So if you have any thoughts on how we could improve on what we’ve done, or on any other aspect of Simplify the Law, please let us know. Just visit and start chatting with us!

We’ve got lots more improvements planned for Simplify the Law in the near future, so stay tuned!

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