10 questions to ask yourself before you start hiring staff

When a young business gets going, growth is all-important. Whether you’re still using invested funds, breaking even, or have gone into profit – the future depends on being able to grow.

So when the orders start to come in, it’s important to be able to meet the demand. And there usually comes a point where you can’t manage it on your own and you have to think about getting help to do the work that will make the money for your business.

But don’t just put an advert in the paper for staff, or appoint a recruitment agency, until you have thought through what you actually need. And to help you, here are some key questions you could ask yourself to guide your thinking….

What is the nature of the work I need done?

A business owner in a new business often does everything themselves. What are the parts that you need someone to take on?

Is the work regular?

It may be temporary or even seasonal; full or part-time; or maybe it’s just for a project at a time.

You might consider using a variable or zero hours contract. Variable hours contracts provide a minimum number of hours work per week, with the right for that to be extended as necessary. Whilst zero hours contracts provide no guarantee, nor any right to any work under the contract.

Draft an employment contract on Simplify the Law

What skills are needed to carry out that work?

Do I need someone to take on work that I’m not competent to do myself? Always be open to the fact that other people may help your business grow by having additional skills.

Should I employ staff directly?

Maybe you could take on agency staff, or a contractor or freelancer? There are several options but all may not work for you.

Freelancers and consultants can be an effective way to increase your workforce for a specific project, or access skills your team doesn’t currently possess.

If you choose to hire a freelancer or consultant it’s essential to put a proper contract in place. You can draft a consultancy agreement on our website.

Draft a consultant or freelancer agreement

Can I afford to take people on?

Remember to calculate this carefully – costs of employment are more than just salary, and they carry additional responsibilities.

How do I go about finding the right person?

Recruitment needs to be carefully managed to avoid the legal pitfalls, but it is worth taking the time to get the best result. Try networking – more and more jobs are filled through professional and social communities.

Remember the holidays!

When you take people on they still have other things to do.

What if it doesn’t work out?

Your options will depend on the kind of arrangement you have settled on.

That’s not everything, by any means.

But if you spend time on questions like this, you’ll know what it is you’re looking for. And when you know that, you’re much more likely to find it.

And we can provide you with all the documents you’ll need as a new employer.

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