FinallyVinylly - look familiar?

Dave, the Music Man. How a nuisance was no problem

I’d like you to meet Dave. He’s a complicated chap, with a good deal to think about. Everything that you hear about that happens to other people always happens to Dave.

We’ll be seeing a lot of Dave over time, and learning how he deals with the brickbats and curved balls that life and business throw at him. And as we go along we’ll meet some of his equally complicated family and friends.

Dave is a small businessman: he owns a record retail business called FinalVinyl, founded back in the 1960s by his father, Eddie. And although that business is his passion, it gives him a shopful of headaches.

How nuisance has impacted Dave's hi-tech kit...

Dave’s hi-tech kit…

Take last week, for example…

…on the street where the main FinalVinyl premises are situated, there has been a significant change of occupancy. There used to be a garden centre, but that seems to have been uprooted and replaced by a small cement works.

There’s always music playing in Dave’s store, and his expert customers often want to “try before they buy”, so he has some additional turntables and CD players for them to use. Now the cement works has begun production, and Dave has been starting to get concerned.

For one thing, there’s cement dust and sand blowing around in the air, and he’s noticed that it seems to be making people cough as they walk along his part of the street. What’s more, he thinks that it is getting into his shop and damaging the sensitive equipment he needs.

Someone – we can call him Simon – tells Dave about Simplify the Law – and explains that he may be able to do something about this. As a result, whereas he used to think that “nuisance” was just a word to be used when his children got under his feet; now thanks to Simplify the Law, he knows a bit more about it.

Who is this mysterious "Simon"?

Who is this mysterious “Simon”?

For example, Dave now believes that the cement works may be causing a statutory nuisance, which the local authority has power to deal with. He thinks there may also be the basis for a claim for private nuisance for the particular damage to his equipment, and he has drafted a letter to the cement works, using the STL drafting app, requesting them to end their nuisance and claiming damages.

Dave is much happier feeling that he has things under control, and that it didn’t break the bank.

A natural worrier, Dave’s personal motto is “If only life could be simple”. Well, Dave, sometimes it can.

Guidance on nuisance in commercial premises

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